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By now, it would be fair to assume that you have spent valuable time researching the competitive landscape of career development and résumé-writing services, screened multitudes of service providers, and struggled to understand an abundance of conflicting guidance and pricing options. That was the tough part; relax in knowing that the rest of the process is virtually painless!

As a Certified Executive Résumé Master (CERM), Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), and Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), my purpose is to furnish you with the tools you need to conduct a productive job search, successfully navigate the online application process, secure interviews, and ultimately gain employment in the career field you are seeking.

Primarily, a Professional Résumé Presentation and supporting career related documents. When you contact Parker-CPRW, you work directly with me and receive the undivided attention of a professional at your disposal. Imagine being on the receiving end of one-on-one customer service, an individual consultation, and labor market guidance unique to your personal and professional situation.

In addition to positioning clients for pursuing opportunity in government, contract, and civil sector assignments, I specialize in developing résumés that help people open doors, intrigue prospective employers, and convey your personal value as a potential candidate.

The competition in today’s labor market is tough. To compete with others (that possess the exact same skill set), believe that:
You deserve to possess dynamic résumé documents.
You deserve to possess the tool that will help you tackle the online job search and generate recognition in applicant tracking or talent management systems.
You deserve a visually appealing document to support professional networking and the interview process.
You deserve to have outside perspective on conveying your value to a potential employer.
You deserve to get your foot in the door and describe in person what you bring to the table.
Above all, you deserve to be recognized appropriately for your accomplishments and potential!

With a diverse career background and experience assisting professionals from a variety of career fields and professional levels, I understand how confusing it can be for you when researching service providers and online writing services.

Having multiple choices can be great, however, when combined with other challenges you may be facing, the task of choosing when up against time, the process quickly becomes intimidating.

Do something good for yourself. As you seek the help of a professional résumé writer, reach out, give me a call, and let’s discuss your particular situation. It will be my pleasure to learn more about your personal goals and provide you with a variety of service options.



Preceptor-Registered Nurse

Hi Lisa,

I think this is the best resume I’ve ever had. Looks great and says what I want to say without looking like “empty eyewash”. Thanks again so much.


Registered Nurse

Human Resource Management

I just wanted to let you know that I just used my new online résumé last week to apply for a couple of openings. I have already had my first interview today for a HR position at St. Joseph/ Candler. I want to thank you because your work on my résumé was able showcase my experience and knowledge. I cannot say thank you enough!


Human Resources

Registered Nurse

Ms. Parker really does deliver what she promises – the kind of personal service that you cannot get from a large resume company. From my first inquiry to my final product in the mail, Ms. Parker’s values, timeliness, professionalism, and optimism – show through her work. I highly recommend Ms. Parker’s professional career services.




“Thank you so much for redoing my Résumé. You have captured all of my assets and more when describing my job and educational functions. It was great of you to take the time to redirect and put together a beautiful Résumé. I owe you big and Thank You again”.

Administration Manager

Real Estate

(Initial Contact) “Maybe the Résumé I’m distributing needs revisions, but I really don’t know what changes to make. Any suggestions you have would be welcomed”.

(Later Contact) “Wow, this is great! Thanks, Lisa. You are “da Bomb”! By the way, I passed my Real Estate Exam! WOOHOO! Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I couldn’t have done it without you”!

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Executive Admin Asst

“I just have to say I was in need of a “face lift” on my Résumé, it was way out of date! I was in the process of looking for a job upon my return from Iraq and wasn’t haven’t any luck. I asked Lisa if she could help me. She told me how important first impressions were, and the impact of presentation in a value based Resume. She took my old Résumé and turned it in to “Cinderella” – so to speak. The new Résumé is perfect for what I needed to open up opportunities in the working world. I can also go into my Résumé and update it as needed. Thanks so much for all of your help, Lisa”.

Executive Administrative Assista

Electronic Security

Dear Ms. Parker,

“I thought that you would like to know that the revamped Résumé and adapted cover letter netted me an interview with Contech Design Group for the Security Surveyor (electronics) position.

Interviews have been completed and decisions will be made by Friday. Hopefully, I will email you a success story next Friday. Thanks for all you did and do”.

Electronic Security Surveyor

Information Technology

Dear Ms. Parker:

“I wanted to write today to thank you very much for the assistance you gave me over the course of my career search; particularly with my Résumé. I have just been offered the position of Network / Systems Administrator for a Medical University starting up in the Savannah area. It is an exciting offer and one in which I can grow and flourish for years to come.

Your tips and suggestions as to how to write a Résumé were the key to getting my foot into the door to the interview. I particularly appreciate your comments and suggestions about how to craft and style the Résumé so that the accomplishments of my previous positions would stand out and be noticed. Apparently, it was well noticed; the group whom interviewed me were quick to note and ask about those accomplishments. Toward the end of the interview, one member even complimented me on the Résumé stating that “By far, one of the best written and clearly defined Résumés he has seen to date”.

I also noted a higher callback of personnel once I adopted the changes you pointed out. These calls were in the form of companies calling me to schedule an interview for opportunities that I had applied for.

I cannot tell you how appreciative and satisfied I was in seeking your help. Again, thank you for assisting me in my successful job search”.


Network Systems Administrator

Office Administration

Hi Lisa,

“I just wanted to let you know that I will be starting with Tipton’s Furniture on Thursday. I had my second interview this afternoon, and he wanted me to start right away. Thank You. What got their attention was that Résumé! If I wouldn’t have been to see you, I probably would not be working still. Thank You”!

Office Assistant